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Ida A. Bull Tutorial/Educational Empowerment Program

The Ida A. Bull Academy is a weekend academy designed to help young people—first grade through the twelfth grade—achieve their educational goals, become superlative citizens and socially aware human beings who make a positive contribution to society. The academy works closely with area schools to address the growing concern over the number of students who are being expelled from school and those who graduate with certificates instead of diplomas. The Academy is designed to not only be a great learning environment, but also encourage positive personal development and give children and youth positive things to do while keeping them off the streets.  We encourage critical thinking, practical application, and appreciation for the arts through:

  • Test taking skills

  • Cultural Events

  • Related Arts

This well-balanced, in-depth approach to education ensures every student gains the tools necessary to be a success in our fast-paced and ever changing world. The goal of the Academy is to develop life winners. Students attend the Academy for free. Area educators have partnered with the academy and donate their time. We want to turn our children into champions.

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