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Neriah has launched a virtual teen training program consisting of three separate courses focusing on the teen character enrichment. The program is available to all children and teens that desire to participate.  The first course began on May 11th focusing on teen identity which covers the following areas; discovery, image, choices, and relationships.  On June 8th, the second course will be available. This course covers the teen and parent relationship; the myth of a perfect family, living up to expectations, and authority and rebellion. On July 6th, the third course will be available. This course covers characteristics of leadership; courage, standing alone, standing firm, standing out, and standing tall. Participating teens will receive an email at the beginning of each course addressing the link to join in the new course.  Those teens that complete this phase of the program will receive a gift card for completion. 


To participate, please send your email address to, and in response you will receive an invitation to join Right Now Media.  

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