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March 18-21, 2019

Recognized ETA diplomas can be earned, as well as credit toward teacher accreditation with the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education.

Old Testament 1
Old Testament 1

A sweeping overview of God working from creation through the early days of His chosen people. Topics include the patriarchies, Israel's trek to the Promised Land, David's reign, Solomon's kingdom, the kingdom of Judah, and the exile.

Evangelism 1
Evangelism 1

Evangelism is the mandate for church growth today. This course covers the biblical foundations of evangelism, conversion and regeneration, how to lead a person to a decision for Christ, age-specific techniques, team efforts, visitation, disciplining new believers, and the importance of prayer in the entire process of evangelism.

Systematic Theology 3
Systematic Theology 3

Presents foundational Bible doctrines in popular, easy-to-understand format. Covered in the course are creation and the fall of man, faith, and regeneration, justification and adoption, prayer and worship, angels, Satan, resurrection and judgement, and the church.

Understanding People
Understanding People

To truly understand people we must combine the rigorous formal study of develpmental issue with our own observations and thorough study of Scripture. Examined in this course are basic elements of personality development (physical, intelletual, emotional, social, and spiritual) for each major age division. Emphasis is given to utilizing this information in teaching the Bible.

$40 Per Class- No Registration Fee

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